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Thursday, 3 April 2014

C# for everyone learn c# windows phone app

C# for everyone learn c# windows phone app

This app provides you all basic and advanced details about every concept used in C# (C sharp). All data is divided within list and easy to understand. You don't require a running internet connection for the functioning of the app. 
Downlaod C# for windows phone
This is a Free app on C# Programming.
C# is a multi-purpose computer programming language suitable for a wide variety of development needs. This app introduces C# language fundamentals and covers a variety of the base class libraries (BCL) provided by the Microsoft .NET Framework.
Although C# is derived from the C programming language, it has features such as garbage collection that allow beginners to become proficient in C# more quickly than in C or C++. Similar to Java, it is object-oriented, comes with an extensive class library, and supports exception handling, multiple types of polymorphism, and separation of interfaces from implementations.
Topics covered:
➲ .NET Framework overview
➲ Windows Forms
➲ Console Programming
➲ Marshalling
➲ Delegates and Events
➲ Generics
➲ Collections
➲ Exceptions
➲ Extension methods
➲ Design Patterns
➲ Abstract classes
➲ Threading
➲ Naming
➲ Inheritance
➲ Object Lifetime
➲ Classes
➲ Partial classes
➲ Control
➲ Objects
➲ Variables
➲ Namespaces
➲ Operators
➲ Data structures
➲ C# Keywords


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