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Friday, 17 January 2014

101 HR Interview Questions and Answers for windows phone

101 Interview Questions and Answers for windows phone provides you a wide range of questions that a organization demands from his/her candidates. Application answers most commonly asked interview questions.

You've landed the interview. Now don't screw it up. This app asks common interview questions—like the dreadful "What is your greatest weakness?"—then lets you tap to answer and gives you advice on how to handle the question during the interview with also live people Answers.

1. 101 questions that prepare you for any type of interview.
2. Provide an option for user to practice his/her own answers.
3.More Questions and Many other Updates Will be coming shortly.
4.Example Answer by real persons, Which You can Modify as per your answer.
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We have divided the Questions in Following Categories: 1. Common Questions 2. General Questions 3. Personal Development 4. Feedback 5. Teamwork 6. Flexibility 7. Initiative 8. Time Management 9. Problem Solving Skills 10. Communication 11. Decision Making 12. Leadership 13. Motivation 14. Analysis 15. Tips For HR Interview 16. Questions You can Ask The HR

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